Due to the COVID-19, we are prioritizing essential industries in our process to help them expand capacities through software partners.

Matching strategic software partners for your company, with confidence.

Devshore simplifies the purchase of software development outsourcing, mitigating the risks and costs to achieve a successful relationship, while decision-makers focus on their core business.

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How it works?

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Fill our form so we can understand your next software initiative and your goals.

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Our team of experts strategically source software partners fitting your current needs and conditions.

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Receive a personalized report with vetted partners considered for a successful relationship.

Step 4

Select the partner and we will proceed with a warm intro and details about next steps.

From traditional outsourcing to disruptive partnerships

Software development services aligned to your expectations, growth and goals

65% of companies don't know how to define, measure and track innovation in software outsourcing agreements. DevShore is the only platform matching both sides of the market, allowing companies to track every single step in the outsourcing lifecycle

Expert Support

Outsourcing experts will review your information carefully to guide you through this process.

DevShore works with professionals that have acquired more than 100+ cumulative engagements with multiple partners in different contexts. We leverage their expertise and use it for your success.

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Efficiencies in overall process

Save time, money and resources with our holistic approach

Reduce almost 40% the cost of software outsourcing using DevShore and selecting the right fit for your business

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Tailored match-making

Trustworthy suggestions and assessments based on both partner capabilities and your needs, completely free.

Training our algorithms using an internal model of successful software partnerships, combined with human-guidance and your professional network.

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World-class partner network

Explore the possibilities of working with elite firms offering a wide range of services for your benefit.

DevShore analyzes more than 100K different software services companies relying on high-competitive attributes aligned with the American business demands

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Build a cooperative advantage

Fortify core competencies, develop new capabilities and maximize your investments with Devshore.

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Frequently asked questions

Is my project and company information kept safe?

Yes. We love GDPR so all your information is kept on our platform. We only use it in anonymized format to provide a better holistic customer experience for you and our software partners.

Where are the software partners located?

The network we have built takes information from different world sources, so partners can be located everywhere in the world. Depending on your constraints and work style, we will suggest those that can fit to your conditions.

What type of company can use this service

DevShore fits perfectly for small and medium size businesses in the USA performing outsourcing potentially for the first time. Although, any company can try the service and our experts and algorithms will help you out

Why is DevShore service free?

Since COVID-19 we as a team agreed to help society with something. We believe this new normal will help nations and companies collaborate in unprecedented manners, even more in software development. The service will remain free until further notice.

What does DevShore consider during the matching?

We have taken attributes from successful documented experiences from our outsourcing consultants and multiple papers dated since 1990 until now. Several factors are considered such as relational capabilities, outsourcing history, delivery capabilities, regulatory conditions, among others.

I’ve never done any software outsourcing before. Should I?

Yes. More companies are starting to do outsourcing as a strategic decision towards innovation and acquiring capabilities a business doesn't have today. With a stronger globalized industry and DevShore providing service, there hasn’t been a better moment to try.

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